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Holy cow guess what?! The decisions have FINALLY been made. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING has been purchased for the bathroom! I’m so excited. I wanted to take everything out of the boxes and put it where it belongs but tubs and toilets are heavy! (who knew). Here are some pictures of my new items it their original habitat.

tilelightsTub and Toilet

The next step is to lay the floor down, get the plumber and the electrician in, and get all the good stuff up. I have to be honest. I’m just looking forward to having a toilet upstairs. I think we are about ready to make our own if this doesn’t happen pronto!

It’s nice to have things progress a bit. I think we are around $3000 on the cost at the moment. Which isn’t entirely all that bad when you are talking full remodel. Obviously there are most costs associated and soon to come. But WOOHOO! Sometimes life gets in the way of these big projects, and that really wasn’t something I was counting on, but I’m glad it has! I’ve been able to find just the right stuff instead of settling just to get it done.

There’s my ridiculous update on the bathroom. I have no progress on downstairs, and have half finished repainting another room. I’ll post pics when I’m done. One of these days I will have just the coolest updates.. just you wait and see. I’m looking forward to learning how to hang drywall and lay (lie?) tile properly. That’s going to translate to “I look forward to watching my parents lay tile ad hang drywall 🙂 ” I kid I kid!
Moral of this story: QUIT SLACKING!


transformer renovation

Holy Cow! We got the plumbing done! I think they used something called Pex? But it’s basically just a sturdy plastic. I LOVE it. The windows are getting installed next week, and then from there on it’s allllll up to me. All the do it yourself stuff starts. YIKES !

So an amazing thing about remodeling one room in your house, is that you get all amped up and start doing other rooms, so somehow I ended up with a new sink and garbage disposal in the kitchen.


don’t mind the chicken thawing in the new sink.



Sink: 300

Faucet: 260 (Ish)

install: the plumber installed everything while changing out the rest of the plumbing, so I have no idea how much of our bill was contributed to that.

Garbage disposal: 150

Total: 700 ish (plus 1000 for install of the plumbing)

A couple notes though. Make sure you check anything that you purchase before you plan to install it or have someone else. It’s rather embarrassing when they opened the box to the sink and found that it was broken….oops. And then when they installed the faucet and found that the manufacture didn’t include a piece or the instructions. If you run into that…word to the wise… just bring it back and get  a new one. We went back to where we got the faucet and asked them if we could get the missing piece out of another box, which they were actually very agreeable to doing. I was shocked and happily surprised! Except when we opened the box and found that the piece was basically permanent. The very very friendly people at the store, with dentist tools and 6 hands, were able to break one model and remove the appropriate piece for the next. So between 3 manufactured faucets we were able to make one complete new one. Super appreciated the trouble they went through to do that.

We also purchased the vanity and the fixtures for the bathroom. I think we spent maybe $300 on the vanity combo and maybe half as much on the fixtures, but HOLY COW. Up to this point I’ve been able to just pick out what I want and be cool with it. I just about had a panic attack trying to figure out which faucet to get for the bathroom sink. “What if it doesn’t look right” “What if it puts the wrong vibe?!” because surprisingly enough, the fixtures kind of bring everything together. So if they don’t match, NOTHING does!

We did find that with the pre-drilled holes in the sink, you have to check the distance of the 3 holes to make sure that your faucet will fit. They are NOT standard. But they should tell you on the boxes what ones match with what sizes.

So for now, we are just waiting on the windows to be installed and then the real fun begins. I will try to get better at the before and afters. I get too excited and forget to take a picture until it’s done.

As a summary: We are at about $3000 with the remodel so far, kitchen additions included. It’s not been to bad because we’ve done it over a long… long… LONG period of time, so we’ve been able to save in chunks.

As a side project I finally got the downstairs living room “liveable”

Three cheers for the shag

Three cheers for the shag

and the next step is to get rid of ALL THAT CRAP and paint the walls. Those sorts of things I find easy to do, plus they are instantly gratifying.

I think I’ve covered the do’s and don’t pretty well. Since most of it was someone else this time, my big participation was picking out what I want so, that’s all up to you!

As always, thanks for reading! please remember, I am in no way attempting to tell you what to do. Just giving my experience.