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Holy cow guess what?! The decisions have FINALLY been made. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING has been purchased for the bathroom! I’m so excited. I wanted to take everything out of the boxes and put it where it belongs but tubs and toilets are heavy! (who knew). Here are some pictures of my new items it their original habitat.

tilelightsTub and Toilet

The next step is to lay the floor down, get the plumber and the electrician in, and get all the good stuff up. I have to be honest. I’m just looking forward to having a toilet upstairs. I think we are about ready to make our own if this doesn’t happen pronto!

It’s nice to have things progress a bit. I think we are around $3000 on the cost at the moment. Which isn’t entirely all that bad when you are talking full remodel. Obviously there are most costs associated and soon to come. But WOOHOO! Sometimes life gets in the way of these big projects, and that really wasn’t something I was counting on, but I’m glad it has! I’ve been able to find just the right stuff instead of settling just to get it done.

There’s my ridiculous update on the bathroom. I have no progress on downstairs, and have half finished repainting another room. I’ll post pics when I’m done. One of these days I will have just the coolest updates.. just you wait and see. I’m looking forward to learning how to hang drywall and lay (lie?) tile properly. That’s going to translate to “I look forward to watching my parents lay tile ad hang drywall 🙂 ” I kid I kid!
Moral of this story: QUIT SLACKING!


Guilty updates

I have been the worst blogger on the planet. How bad you ask? So bad that my update that I am currently writing isn’t even going to have home pictures on it! I.Know… I’m terrible. But after talking with someone who actually reads my blog, I realized that I should probably pop a little update on here.

Soon to Come: Some things you can look forward from seeing from me soon. An update on the hallway, I know, it’s ridiculous. These 2 walls are the worst. BUT they are painted, so I need to get some pictures up for that. You’ll love it. It looks way Better, trust me. Area rugs and my obsession with them (that pretty much speaks for itself). We are about to get our new windows installed in our bathroom and kitchen. They are the only 2 that weren’t updated when we moved in, and part of the big ole grand finale of the bathroom remodel is getting windows that aren’t covered in mold. So there.

Also in May, put it on your schedule, I am getting the plumbing done. From there it’s a piece of cake…right…..RIGHT?!

Self portrait

Self portrait

So I promise I haven’t forgotten about you, internet, but sometimes life is overwhelming and telling the world that can be hard. I seem to be saying it outloud alot more often these days, but you could probably read more about that in my chorgie blog (like THAT’s getting updated HA!)

I’ll leave you with my typical tools:

Things needed for this project:

  • Sanity (priceless)
  • Time (free but running out)
  • motivation (hard to find)
  • Money (every day I’m hustling)
  • Reminders that I’m not alone!


Dos: Don’ts:
  • Remember what’s important
  • just sit around wishing for things to happen
  • Take some time for yourself
  • pretend walls paint themselves (OH! I painted my kitchen too by the way! )
  • Don’t start a project and not finish it
  • rely on anyone else to do the work
  • suck it up
  • whine (or wine)


I’m doing the homeshow with my work this weekend, so I hope to see tons of you there. This also means that I will get nothing personal done this week. So look for updates soon, but not too soon.


Wallpaper attacks


The hallway. You’d think This would’ve taken a weekend but this has honestly taken me more hours than the entire living room and bathroom so far combined. Have I mentioned that I hate wallpaper?
Tools needed for this project:
Paper shark $10
Dif paper remover $5 a bottle
Sponge or applicator
Dif paper remover (more)

This wallpaper was applied with NASA glue. No joke. Impossible to remove. So the paper shark was a must have. It does this to the paper :


I finally managed to get all the big chunks off, but a square door section took an hour! When I was done there was still large amounts of glue, so Dj ans I have been using a mixture of wallpaper remover and spic and span. It washes the walls like a dream! Make sure you have a rag to get the extra oomph for scrubbing. We are done washing but there has been discussion about color choice so we are still waiting.
Dark vs light ? Does it matter?

This is a half n half of glue and no glue. Crazy glue. I hated it!

Bucket full of goodies. I use a paint pad and sponge to get the solution on the walls. Warning: it will run down your arm. Accept it. Love it.


The doors for the linen cabinet. Still not done. Thinking about scrapping them. The damage done to them isn’t worth what it will take to clean them and the glue loves raw wood.

Theres my hallway adventure. It’s been a while, I know, and I’m blogging at work! We’ve hit a financial lull but are still working on the bathroom. I promise soon there will be a blog about it! Motivation!

Gage how much glue you have. You’ll know quickly and it will help you with needed supplies.

Do not
Wallpaper.ever. you’ve been warned.