Holy cow guess what?! The decisions have FINALLY been made. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING has been purchased for the bathroom! I’m so excited. I wanted to take everything out of the boxes and put it where it belongs but tubs and toilets are heavy! (who knew). Here are some pictures of my new items it their original habitat.

tilelightsTub and Toilet

The next step is to lay the floor down, get the plumber and the electrician in, and get all the good stuff up. I have to be honest. I’m just looking forward to having a toilet upstairs. I think we are about ready to make our own if this doesn’t happen pronto!

It’s nice to have things progress a bit. I think we are around $3000 on the cost at the moment. Which isn’t entirely all that bad when you are talking full remodel. Obviously there are most costs associated and soon to come. But WOOHOO! Sometimes life gets in the way of these big projects, and that really wasn’t something I was counting on, but I’m glad it has! I’ve been able to find just the right stuff instead of settling just to get it done.

There’s my ridiculous update on the bathroom. I have no progress on downstairs, and have half finished repainting another room. I’ll post pics when I’m done. One of these days I will have just the coolest updates.. just you wait and see. I’m looking forward to learning how to hang drywall and lay (lie?) tile properly. That’s going to translate to “I look forward to watching my parents lay tile ad hang drywall 🙂 ” I kid I kid!
Moral of this story: QUIT SLACKING!


what did I get myself into?

I think next time I buy a house, I’ll have a better idea of the projects that I want to do, and really how it balances out with the rest of my life. I love doing little projects. Painting, sanding and things that I can really leave unfinished and have it not make a difference. I get distracted and start too many projects at once, which is fine when you are just talking paint. NOT fine when you tear apart your only full bathroom and leave it that way for over a year….. oh well. My parents are awesome people and are gearing me in the right direction. There are so many decisions!

The bathroom aside, I am actually making some decent progress and decisions on other parts of the house. The downstairs is really coming to life. I have just a coat of paint and new floors to go and it will be a brand new space. I’ll post pictures once it’s done, so until then you must stay in the suspense of it all. I know… I’m terrible.

I don’t know if other home owners get this way, but I have a love hate relationship with my house. Some days, i’m just completely over it. WHY DID I BUY THIS HOUSE?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I HATE EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD !!!!! and then I chill and sit in my chair and realize, it’s actually a pretty neat place. So what if the heat doesn’t work, the electrical needs to be replaced, the floors are unfinished, the kitchen is almost unusable and the base boards are missing. It’s a roof over me and my puppies heads, there are beautiful views and windows, and if nothing else, it’s a lesson learned !


In all seriousness, I love my house. It’s just a work in progress. When you work full time and LIFE happens, it’s hard to keep up on the house. Soon I’ll get into gear and be motivated again. Until then, I’ll continue with my half ass updates and my sincere apologies of no progress to those actually following.



go mode activate

Seriously, this is getting annoying. I continue to post things that I “should be” doing instead of things that are accomplished! It’s getting ridiculous at this point.

A vague update is in order however; Due to some pretty severe life changes, I’ve needed to purge some things out of my house, so EXCITING ; my down stairs is finally useable. I’m so used to not using it, every time I go down there it’s like a new adventure. I’m thinking about putting a big dresser in front of the door so that every time I walk through it it’s like Narnia…

I saw it on pinterest. Seems legit

I saw it on pinterest. Seems legit


In other news, my bathroom is still not a bathroom. In case you aren’t updated, I have new windows, some of the plumbing and apparently a giant hole that runs through the ceiling, through the roof, and to the outside world. Turns out that sucks, and I didn’t know it was there until like last week… so that’s cool. A daddy long legs has made it his home, so I figure it can stay for a little while. I also have NO FREAKING CLUE what to do about it…. It was the sewage pipe, I think, and when it was removed, it was never patched up, so if you are having things taken out of your walls, you better double check the holes left behind. I didn’t do that. Lesson learned.

I’ve changed my mind 1000 times about the lay out and other such things that go along with putting a bathroom together. It’s like a puzzle with too many pieces that fit together. Unfortunately I don’t have a box to compare the picture to, so I have no idea what it’s supposed to look like. It’s going to be unfortunate when I’m going for a bathroom and it turns into a bedroom…..HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!

So that’s where I’m at. funds are limited, ideas are plentiful, and time is non existent. And if one more person says “welcome to home ownership” I might just punch them in the throat…..






transformer renovation

Holy Cow! We got the plumbing done! I think they used something called Pex? But it’s basically just a sturdy plastic. I LOVE it. The windows are getting installed next week, and then from there on it’s allllll up to me. All the do it yourself stuff starts. YIKES !

So an amazing thing about remodeling one room in your house, is that you get all amped up and start doing other rooms, so somehow I ended up with a new sink and garbage disposal in the kitchen.


don’t mind the chicken thawing in the new sink.



Sink: 300

Faucet: 260 (Ish)

install: the plumber installed everything while changing out the rest of the plumbing, so I have no idea how much of our bill was contributed to that.

Garbage disposal: 150

Total: 700 ish (plus 1000 for install of the plumbing)

A couple notes though. Make sure you check anything that you purchase before you plan to install it or have someone else. It’s rather embarrassing when they opened the box to the sink and found that it was broken….oops. And then when they installed the faucet and found that the manufacture didn’t include a piece or the instructions. If you run into that…word to the wise… just bring it back and get  a new one. We went back to where we got the faucet and asked them if we could get the missing piece out of another box, which they were actually very agreeable to doing. I was shocked and happily surprised! Except when we opened the box and found that the piece was basically permanent. The very very friendly people at the store, with dentist tools and 6 hands, were able to break one model and remove the appropriate piece for the next. So between 3 manufactured faucets we were able to make one complete new one. Super appreciated the trouble they went through to do that.

We also purchased the vanity and the fixtures for the bathroom. I think we spent maybe $300 on the vanity combo and maybe half as much on the fixtures, but HOLY COW. Up to this point I’ve been able to just pick out what I want and be cool with it. I just about had a panic attack trying to figure out which faucet to get for the bathroom sink. “What if it doesn’t look right” “What if it puts the wrong vibe?!” because surprisingly enough, the fixtures kind of bring everything together. So if they don’t match, NOTHING does!

We did find that with the pre-drilled holes in the sink, you have to check the distance of the 3 holes to make sure that your faucet will fit. They are NOT standard. But they should tell you on the boxes what ones match with what sizes.

So for now, we are just waiting on the windows to be installed and then the real fun begins. I will try to get better at the before and afters. I get too excited and forget to take a picture until it’s done.

As a summary: We are at about $3000 with the remodel so far, kitchen additions included. It’s not been to bad because we’ve done it over a long… long… LONG period of time, so we’ve been able to save in chunks.

As a side project I finally got the downstairs living room “liveable”

Three cheers for the shag

Three cheers for the shag

and the next step is to get rid of ALL THAT CRAP and paint the walls. Those sorts of things I find easy to do, plus they are instantly gratifying.

I think I’ve covered the do’s and don’t pretty well. Since most of it was someone else this time, my big participation was picking out what I want so, that’s all up to you!

As always, thanks for reading! please remember, I am in no way attempting to tell you what to do. Just giving my experience.

Guilty updates

I have been the worst blogger on the planet. How bad you ask? So bad that my update that I am currently writing isn’t even going to have home pictures on it! I.Know… I’m terrible. But after talking with someone who actually reads my blog, I realized that I should probably pop a little update on here.

Soon to Come: Some things you can look forward from seeing from me soon. An update on the hallway, I know, it’s ridiculous. These 2 walls are the worst. BUT they are painted, so I need to get some pictures up for that. You’ll love it. It looks way Better, trust me. Area rugs and my obsession with them (that pretty much speaks for itself). We are about to get our new windows installed in our bathroom and kitchen. They are the only 2 that weren’t updated when we moved in, and part of the big ole grand finale of the bathroom remodel is getting windows that aren’t covered in mold. So there.

Also in May, put it on your schedule, I am getting the plumbing done. From there it’s a piece of cake…right…..RIGHT?!

Self portrait

Self portrait

So I promise I haven’t forgotten about you, internet, but sometimes life is overwhelming and telling the world that can be hard. I seem to be saying it outloud alot more often these days, but you could probably read more about that in my chorgie blog (like THAT’s getting updated HA!)

I’ll leave you with my typical tools:

Things needed for this project:

  • Sanity (priceless)
  • Time (free but running out)
  • motivation (hard to find)
  • Money (every day I’m hustling)
  • Reminders that I’m not alone!


Dos: Don’ts:
  • Remember what’s important
  • just sit around wishing for things to happen
  • Take some time for yourself
  • pretend walls paint themselves (OH! I painted my kitchen too by the way! )
  • Don’t start a project and not finish it
  • rely on anyone else to do the work
  • suck it up
  • whine (or wine)


I’m doing the homeshow with my work this weekend, so I hope to see tons of you there. This also means that I will get nothing personal done this week. So look for updates soon, but not too soon.


Wallpaper attacks


The hallway. You’d think This would’ve taken a weekend but this has honestly taken me more hours than the entire living room and bathroom so far combined. Have I mentioned that I hate wallpaper?
Tools needed for this project:
Paper shark $10
Dif paper remover $5 a bottle
Sponge or applicator
Dif paper remover (more)

This wallpaper was applied with NASA glue. No joke. Impossible to remove. So the paper shark was a must have. It does this to the paper :


I finally managed to get all the big chunks off, but a square door section took an hour! When I was done there was still large amounts of glue, so Dj ans I have been using a mixture of wallpaper remover and spic and span. It washes the walls like a dream! Make sure you have a rag to get the extra oomph for scrubbing. We are done washing but there has been discussion about color choice so we are still waiting.
Dark vs light ? Does it matter?

This is a half n half of glue and no glue. Crazy glue. I hated it!

Bucket full of goodies. I use a paint pad and sponge to get the solution on the walls. Warning: it will run down your arm. Accept it. Love it.


The doors for the linen cabinet. Still not done. Thinking about scrapping them. The damage done to them isn’t worth what it will take to clean them and the glue loves raw wood.

Theres my hallway adventure. It’s been a while, I know, and I’m blogging at work! We’ve hit a financial lull but are still working on the bathroom. I promise soon there will be a blog about it! Motivation!

Gage how much glue you have. You’ll know quickly and it will help you with needed supplies.

Do not
Wallpaper.ever. you’ve been warned.

Sometimes being a slacker is good

We’ve been slacking on the home front. I’m still recovering from some ankle issues so I haven’t been overly helpful with the house deeds. I did want to post an update on what’s to come. We have done some ish to the bathroom (ish= destruction in this case). I will post some progress pictures once I figure out how to get them off of my dead old phone. Right now, however, we are at a bit of a standstill while we decide if we want to bother trying to move the plumbing or rebuild the bathroom back the way it was. I plan to get some input from a plumber, but also my parents and anyone who reads this! So Stay tuned for bathroom pictures and I want responses and advice!!! 

Also I am STILL yes STILL stripping wallpaper from my hallway. It is my goal to get it done this weekend so here’s a tentative “Stay tuned” for that.  

In other news, we have a magnificent garden that I had nothing to do with. The previous owners planted amazing things, and every time I go into my yard something new has bloomed. It’s amazing. It’s like a surprise every time the sun comes out (which isn’t very often out here in the PNW) and I always think to myself “since when did we have a(n) “Insert ambiguous plant here“.  

Thanks for reading ! Don’t lose hope on my productiveness. I promise its hidden here somewhere and you will be happy to see what comes out of it!