Holy cow guess what?! The decisions have FINALLY been made. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING has been purchased for the bathroom! I’m so excited. I wanted to take everything out of the boxes and put it where it belongs but tubs and toilets are heavy! (who knew). Here are some pictures of my new items it their original habitat.

tilelightsTub and Toilet

The next step is to lay the floor down, get the plumber and the electrician in, and get all the good stuff up. I have to be honest. I’m just looking forward to having a toilet upstairs. I think we are about ready to make our own if this doesn’t happen pronto!

It’s nice to have things progress a bit. I think we are around $3000 on the cost at the moment. Which isn’t entirely all that bad when you are talking full remodel. Obviously there are most costs associated and soon to come. But WOOHOO! Sometimes life gets in the way of these big projects, and that really wasn’t something I was counting on, but I’m glad it has! I’ve been able to find just the right stuff instead of settling just to get it done.

There’s my ridiculous update on the bathroom. I have no progress on downstairs, and have half finished repainting another room. I’ll post pics when I’m done. One of these days I will have just the coolest updates.. just you wait and see. I’m looking forward to learning how to hang drywall and lay (lie?) tile properly. That’s going to translate to “I look forward to watching my parents lay tile ad hang drywall 🙂 ” I kid I kid!
Moral of this story: QUIT SLACKING!


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