what did I get myself into?

I think next time I buy a house, I’ll have a better idea of the projects that I want to do, and really how it balances out with the rest of my life. I love doing little projects. Painting, sanding and things that I can really leave unfinished and have it not make a difference. I get distracted and start too many projects at once, which is fine when you are just talking paint. NOT fine when you tear apart your only full bathroom and leave it that way for over a year….. oh well. My parents are awesome people and are gearing me in the right direction. There are so many decisions!

The bathroom aside, I am actually making some decent progress and decisions on other parts of the house. The downstairs is really coming to life. I have just a coat of paint and new floors to go and it will be a brand new space. I’ll post pictures once it’s done, so until then you must stay in the suspense of it all. I know… I’m terrible.

I don’t know if other home owners get this way, but I have a love hate relationship with my house. Some days, i’m just completely over it. WHY DID I BUY THIS HOUSE?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I HATE EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD !!!!! and then I chill and sit in my chair and realize, it’s actually a pretty neat place. So what if the heat doesn’t work, the electrical needs to be replaced, the floors are unfinished, the kitchen is almost unusable and the base boards are missing. It’s a roof over me and my puppies heads, there are beautiful views and windows, and if nothing else, it’s a lesson learned !


In all seriousness, I love my house. It’s just a work in progress. When you work full time and LIFE happens, it’s hard to keep up on the house. Soon I’ll get into gear and be motivated again. Until then, I’ll continue with my half ass updates and my sincere apologies of no progress to those actually following.




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