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Seriously, this is getting annoying. I continue to post things that I “should be” doing instead of things that are accomplished! It’s getting ridiculous at this point.

A vague update is in order however; Due to some pretty severe life changes, I’ve needed to purge some things out of my house, so EXCITING ; my down stairs is finally useable. I’m so used to not using it, every time I go down there it’s like a new adventure. I’m thinking about putting a big dresser in front of the door so that every time I walk through it it’s like Narnia…

I saw it on pinterest. Seems legit

I saw it on pinterest. Seems legit


In other news, my bathroom is still not a bathroom. In case you aren’t updated, I have new windows, some of the plumbing and apparently a giant hole that runs through the ceiling, through the roof, and to the outside world. Turns out that sucks, and I didn’t know it was there until like last week… so that’s cool. A daddy long legs has made it his home, so I figure it can stay for a little while. I also have NO FREAKING CLUE what to do about it…. It was the sewage pipe, I think, and when it was removed, it was never patched up, so if you are having things taken out of your walls, you better double check the holes left behind. I didn’t do that. Lesson learned.

I’ve changed my mind 1000 times about the lay out and other such things that go along with putting a bathroom together. It’s like a puzzle with too many pieces that fit together. Unfortunately I don’t have a box to compare the picture to, so I have no idea what it’s supposed to look like. It’s going to be unfortunate when I’m going for a bathroom and it turns into a bedroom…..HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!

So that’s where I’m at. funds are limited, ideas are plentiful, and time is non existent. And if one more person says “welcome to home ownership” I might just punch them in the throat…..