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Wallpaper attacks


The hallway. You’d think This would’ve taken a weekend but this has honestly taken me more hours than the entire living room and bathroom so far combined. Have I mentioned that I hate wallpaper?
Tools needed for this project:
Paper shark $10
Dif paper remover $5 a bottle
Sponge or applicator
Dif paper remover (more)

This wallpaper was applied with NASA glue. No joke. Impossible to remove. So the paper shark was a must have. It does this to the paper :


I finally managed to get all the big chunks off, but a square door section took an hour! When I was done there was still large amounts of glue, so Dj ans I have been using a mixture of wallpaper remover and spic and span. It washes the walls like a dream! Make sure you have a rag to get the extra oomph for scrubbing. We are done washing but there has been discussion about color choice so we are still waiting.
Dark vs light ? Does it matter?

This is a half n half of glue and no glue. Crazy glue. I hated it!

Bucket full of goodies. I use a paint pad and sponge to get the solution on the walls. Warning: it will run down your arm. Accept it. Love it.


The doors for the linen cabinet. Still not done. Thinking about scrapping them. The damage done to them isn’t worth what it will take to clean them and the glue loves raw wood.

Theres my hallway adventure. It’s been a while, I know, and I’m blogging at work! We’ve hit a financial lull but are still working on the bathroom. I promise soon there will be a blog about it! Motivation!

Gage how much glue you have. You’ll know quickly and it will help you with needed supplies.

Do not
Wallpaper.ever. you’ve been warned.