Sometimes being a slacker is good

We’ve been slacking on the home front. I’m still recovering from some ankle issues so I haven’t been overly helpful with the house deeds. I did want to post an update on what’s to come. We have done some ish to the bathroom (ish= destruction in this case). I will post some progress pictures once I figure out how to get them off of my dead old phone. Right now, however, we are at a bit of a standstill while we decide if we want to bother trying to move the plumbing or rebuild the bathroom back the way it was. I plan to get some input from a plumber, but also my parents and anyone who reads this! So Stay tuned for bathroom pictures and I want responses and advice!!! 

Also I am STILL yes STILL stripping wallpaper from my hallway. It is my goal to get it done this weekend so here’s a tentative “Stay tuned” for that.  

In other news, we have a magnificent garden that I had nothing to do with. The previous owners planted amazing things, and every time I go into my yard something new has bloomed. It’s amazing. It’s like a surprise every time the sun comes out (which isn’t very often out here in the PNW) and I always think to myself “since when did we have a(n) “Insert ambiguous plant here“.  

Thanks for reading ! Don’t lose hope on my productiveness. I promise its hidden here somewhere and you will be happy to see what comes out of it!




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